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At RightMile, we focus on customized coverage for your commercial trucking. We partner with reliable carriers for affordable rates, so you can focus on what's important - moving your cargo.

COMMERCIAL AUTO LIABILITY: Protecting Your Business on the Road
Services CAL

Commercial Auto Liability is a critical component of insurance coverage for businesses that own or operate vehicles as part of their operations. Simply put, it's insurance that protects your business in case one of your company vehicles is involved in an accident that results in injury or damage to others.

PHYSICAL DAMAGE: Protecting Your Investment
Services PD

Physical Damage Insurance is a type of insurance coverage designed to protect your commercial trucks and vehicles from a variety of physical risks or damages. Unlike Commercial Auto Liability insurance (which primarily covers damage to others), Physical Damage Insurance primarily focuses on the repair or replacement of your own vehicles in the event of accidents, collisions, or other covered incidents.

MOTOR TRUCK CARGO: Protecting Your Freight and Cargo
Servies MTC

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance is a specialized type of insurance coverage designed to protect the valuable freight and cargo that your commercial trucks transport. This insurance safeguards your cargo against various risks and ensures that you have financial protection in case of damage, loss, or theft during transit.

NON-TRUCKING LIABILITY: Protecting Commercial Trucking Beyond Business
Services NTL

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance, often referred to as "Bobtail Insurance," is a specialized insurance coverage designed to protect commercial truck drivers when they are operating their trucks for non-business or personal use. It provides coverage for situations when a driver is driving the truck without a trailer attached, typically during personal trips or when the truck is not actively engaged in business-related activities.

Services RB
REEFER BREAKDOWN: Keeping Your Cargo Cool and Business Running

Reefer Breakdown Insurance, often referred to as "Refrigeration Breakdown Coverage," is a specialized insurance designed to protect the refrigeration units (reefers) used in commercial trucks and trailers. These units are crucial for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, such as perishable goods, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Services TI
TRAILER INTERCHANGE: Safeguarding Your Cargo on the Move

Trailer Interchange insurance is a specialized insurance coverage designed to protect your business when you're transporting cargo using trailers that you don't own. In the trucking industry, it's common for carriers to exchange trailers with other companies to complete deliveries. This insurance provides protection in case these non-owned trailers are damaged or lost while in your care during a trailer interchange agreement.

WORKER'S COMPENSATION: Protecting Your Team On and Off the Road
Services WC

Worker's Compensation insurance is a specialized form of coverage designed to protect employees who are injured or become ill while performing their job duties. It provides financial benefits to employees for medical expenses and lost wages resulting from work-related injuries or illnesses. Worker's Compensation Insurance is a legal requirement in most states and is crucial for protecting both employees and employers.

Services TGL
TRUCKERS' GENERAL LIABILITY: Comprehensive Protection for Commercial Trucking

Truckers' General Liability Insurance, often referred to as "Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance" specifically tailored for trucking operations, is a comprehensive insurance coverage designed to protect your business from various liabilities and risks that may arise during your trucking operations. It goes beyond traditional auto liability coverage to provide a wide range of protection, both on and off the road.

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